Best Family Quarantine Activities To Do In Lockdown Time [Part – 1]

Sitting idle at home is obviously the most boring thing we will ever experience. In this ongoing quarantine time, most of us have reached the height of boredom. But, worry not, here at Loving Crafts, we have listed some of the best and productive things to do with your family and make this lockdown time fun-overloaded.

Best Family Quarantine Activities

Don’t Watch Too Much TV:

Watching favorite programs is perfectly fine but sticking to it is not good for health and especially for your eye. The best thing you can do is listen to audio stories with your kids. Let’s play in the Mogli tales or Raja Rani ki kahaniya and let your kids know about it, trust us, it’s super fun.

Take out all the old board games:

We are pretty much sure amid busy lifestyle and heaps of work, you barely find any time for yourself to enjoy those small things that actually matter. Don’t play Ludo on the phone, play it on its original board and you will definitely enjoy this. And yes, don’t forget about the snake and ladder game.

Go on a nostalgic trip:

Yes, we know that no one is supposed to go out of the home but what about going on a nostalgic journey of all the old photographs that you have in your wardrobe. Take out a few interesting albums and watch it with the whole family. Open the albums and let the chit-chat begin with the family.

Learn something creative and interesting:

Want to learn some creative art at home? We have prepared some amazing videos for you to get started with.

1. How to Make Explosion Box

2. How To Make Scrapbook

3. Scrapbook element

Try one of these coolest and easy to make personalized gifts with your family and enjoy every bit of it.

Do karaoke Fun:

Everybody loves to sing and when it comes to family entertainment, it’s all fun and ultimate timepass. There are so many applications that let you have fun with different Bollywood and Hollywood songs. Why not try this amazing thing on this Sunday?

Fun Painting Competition:

What’s better than transforming creativity into a beautiful reality. Get indulge in painting with your kids and have fun by creating interesting paintings and this will definitely become a memorable part of this lockdown period.

Redecorate your home’s decor:

Let your artistic side show and take a moment to create some fresh and attractive designs for your living space. Move some things around, play with your living room, give things a springy new character.

Which one is your favorite quarantine thing to do? We will also be posting the second part of this with more creative ideas. Check out a wide range of personalized gift items in our product section and bring a priceless smile on your loved one’s face.