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Introducing our enchanting Surprise Butterfly Greeting Card – a unique and delightful way to express your sentiments! This beautifully crafted card is not just a card; it’s a magical experience waiting to unfold.

At first glance, it appears to be an elegant and tastefully designed card, complete with a heartfelt message elegantly placed at the top. However, the true magic lies within. Carefully concealed within the confines of this card is a lifelike artificial butterfly, patiently awaiting the moment of surprise.

As the lucky recipient opens the card, an unexpected burst of joy is released. Like a graceful dancer, the butterfly takes flight, fluttering its wings in a mesmerizing display. The element of surprise is sure to bring a wide smile to anyone’s face, creating a memorable and joyous moment.

The top of the card is adorned with a thoughtful message, adding a personal touch to your gesture. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or just a gesture of appreciation, our Surprise Butterfly Greeting Card adds an extra layer of magic to your heartfelt wishes.

Kindly note that the color of the butterfly may vary based on availability, ensuring each card is a unique and special surprise. Because your thoughtful gesture deserves a touch of individuality and charm!



  • Material- Glossy Heavy Cardstock
  • Free shipping across India
  • Size- 7*6 Inches
  • Attractive Artificial Butterfly
Reviews (8)

8 reviews for Cute Fluttering Butterfly Card | Prank Butterfly Card

  1. Esha Joshi

    Appreciated the creativity and such a quick response!

  2. Aryan Malhotra

    Somehow disappointed with the product. It is not as expected or shown in the website. Quality should be improved.

  3. Saanvi Gupta

    Beautiful product and it looks as good as it seems in photograph..thanks a lot team

  4. Vedansh Yadav

    Perfect place to buy gifts for your loved ones. I cant wait to order again.

  5. Meera Verma

    The gifts are of very good quality and affordable. Keep it up lovingcraft team. <3

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